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Stenor was established in 2003 and since this time has become the leading construction/demolition waste removal and recycling service provider in South Wales.

The Company is based in the heart of Swansea.

The Company was setup by Steve and Pam Norman and is still today run as a family business. Over the years Stenor has invested heavily in plant equipment, obtaining appropriate licenses from NRW and in staff training and development. We also retain specialist consultants to advise on environmental and waste management issues.

We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to the demands of our customers and operate in a professional and environmentally aware manner. Stenor has successfully worked with many of the area's leading construction and demolition contractors on prestigious projects such as 'Technium 3' in Swansea's SA1 development, the Amazon site at Jersey Marine and the Kingsway projects.

Stenor is committed to safeguarding the environment and working in an ethical and safe manner. We have established a good working relationship with NRW to ensure we achieve best practice in waste transportation, management and recycling.

The family behind the Stenor name 

Steve Norman, Managing Director of Stenor, has been working within the industry for over 40 years. Over the years he has worked in the industry, he has been involved with many projects, from the building of the Briton Ferry bridge and the taking down of the old David Evans store, the re-route of the Kingsway, as well as being a contractor with the build of Amazon's warehouse.

Pamela Norman, Steve's wife, is the Company Secretary; after all, they say behind every great man there is a great woman. Pam oversees all of the business.

Stacey Norman, Steve's oldest daughter, is the Manager. Stacey has worked within the industry for over 10 years working alongside her father, learning from all of the knowledge that he has to offer. Stacey holds a Waste and Management Industrial Training Advisory Board (WAMITAB) Level 5 qualification. She now works alongside Steve in growing the business.

Carlie Williams (née Norman), Steve's youngest daughter, is also Manager. Carlie has worked with Steve over the past 6 years overseeing the environmental ,accounting and health and safety aspects of the business. Carlie holds a National Examination Board in Occupational safety and health (NEBOSH)  qualification and a WAMITAB Level 4 qualification. 

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